Americans are hard workers, but in relation to other states, Michigan ranks almost dead last in work ethic.

We are several generations removed from the dedicated assembly-line auto workers who showed up at the Big Three plants in Michigan every day with their lunchbox and thermos. We are light years away from that work ethic. In a study researching the hardest working state in the nation, Michigan ranked a sluggish 47th.

Financial services website WalletHub weighted ten key metrics including average workweek hours compared to average leisure time spent per day. Employment rates were compared with share of households where no adults work and those containing workers with multiple jobs. Unused vacation time and volunteer hours were also factored in the formula used to rank all 50 states.

The conclusion: today's Michigan worker is apathetic.

  • 1. North Dakota
  • 2. Alaska
  • 3. Wyoming
  • 46. Ohio
  • 47. Michigan
  • 48. Rhode Island
  • 49. New Mexico
  • 50. West Virginia

Before you say that it is due to the increased unemployment benefits offered for Coronavirus relief, a Yale study shows that is not the case. But surely, like I do, you know families where everyone is scrambling to do the best they can and "get ahead." I'd bet you know 1 or 2 people who seem lazy but they're good people, right? We're not all lazy in Michigan. Who wants to double-check the math?

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