The Felt Mansion has a haunted history and has the say spirits are still there. Now, you can book an overnight investigation and find out for yourself.

This could be a hot new concept. When you stay at an Airbnb, sometimes you have the place to yourself, but occasionally you get to meet the residents of the place you are sharing for the night. Would you spend the night an Airbnb where your hosts are ghosts?

Self-made millionaire Dorr Felt built his dream house in the 1920s, but tragedy struck when his wife, Agnes, died just six weeks after the family moved in. Dorr died from a broken heart a year and a half later. The family sold the house after World War II and it became a Catholic prep school and seminary for a time before the property fell into disrepair. Now, the restored mansion is a popular site for events and weddings, with just one caveat: they say the original couple is still there.

It is believed that the Felts – both Agnes and Dorr– linger in and out of the rooms at the mansion. It is believed that since their time to enjoy the estate was limited in life, that they enjoy it together in the afterlife.

Don't believe it? You can book the mansion for an overnight stay this October. Your group of up to 12 people gets overnight accommodations, access to the mansion, grounds, and carriage house. A staff member will share the haunted history of the Felt Mansion, and you can hire a medium to try to contact Dorr and Agnes yourself.

Find out more about the history of one of Michigan's most haunted places here, and take a look in the video below.

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Posted by The Felt Estate and Shore Acres Farm on Monday, September 14, 2020

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