Remember when we had the "Ice Bucket" challenge, the "Teaspoon Of Cinnamon" challenge and the "What's In The Box" challenge?  Then there we got into the "Ghost Pepper" challenge and, of course the "Tide Pod" challenge.  The most recent stupid challenge was the "Bird Box" challenge doing everything blindfolded which caused some very dangerous situations.  Well, this next one has really crossed the line.

According to an article on, the next ridiculous thing is called the "48 Hour Missing Challenge".  This is where a teenager goes missing for 48 hours in order to get social media attention.  Actually it started as a hoax but because the idea is out there, parents are understandably worried.  So far there haven't been any reports of this happening but not only are parents concerned, law enforcement is as well.  What if resources are diverted to an internet stunt taking valuable manpower from what is real?  Additionally, something might happen to the teen performing the challenge.  Jeez!!!  What's next???

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