I guess it's not enough that we get scammers coming into our neighborhoods to try and rip us off with phony home repairs.  Or scammers taking advantage of the elderly posing as  their grandchild in jail needing bail money.  There is a long list of scams that is, literally, too long to list.  But this one is new, at least to me.

According to an article I saw on wzzm13.com, this one involves potential employment with one of the biggest companies in the world.  The Better Business Bureau tells us how it works.  A caller leaves a voicemail claiming they're from Amazon offering a job to use online products and then right reviews for the company website.  It sounds pretty good too.  You're working from home, working at your own pace and getting paid anywhere from $20 an hour to $6,000 a month.  Here's the catch.  Prospective employees are required to buy an "enrollment kit" for $200 and once the money is paid they're gone and so is your money.  Get more details by clicking HERE.

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