One of the biggest and certainly one of the longest garage sales is going on now through Sunday.  It's Michigan's longest as it stretches along US 12 Heritage Trail from New Buffalo to Detroit for about 180 miles.  Along the way you might find treasures but you'll defiantly find some VERY interesting people buying and selling.

But there are some serious things to consider.  First, let the buyer beware and not just in terms of the value of the items.  Not everyone is a neighbor and/or a friend and with such a large area of commerce there could be some trouble to run into.  Then there's the issue of road safety as pointed out by our friends at  Last year 78 year old Carole Martin was hit by a car and killed.  She had been shopping on one side of the street but parked on the other side so police suggest you park on the same side of the street as you're shopping.  Let's face it, everyday, drivers get more and more distracted so be careful.  Get more details about the event by clicking HERE.

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