University of Michigan's Heisman Hopeful Aidan Hutchinson says he never really loved the Lions that much.

We all know the struggles the Detroit Lions have had this season, the season before it, the season before that one, and pretty much the entire lifetime of Wolverine defenseman Aidan Hutchinson.

The Lions are having one of their worst seasons's ever, but on the upside, they are in the lead for the number one draft pick in the NFL.

Detroit and Ann Arbor are not that far apart so I'm certainly sure the Lions are very aware of U of M's Aidan Hutchinson and his potential of being a number one draft pick.

Hutchinson played high school football less than 10 miles from the Detroit Lions practice facility. He has emerged as college football's most feared pass rusher. He could have gone to the NFL last year but elected to stay with his team so they could beat Ohio State and go to a national championship, both of which he and the team accomplished.

Hutchinson was only 8-years-old when the Lions went 0-16. He grew up during the darkest times in the Lions NFL history. It is pretty easy to see why he grew up a New England Patriots fan because he grew up seeing them in the Superbowl time and time again. Let's not forget that Tom Brady also played for U of M as did Hutchinson's father Chris.

In theory, if the Lions do get the number one NFL draft pick, they very well could pick Hutchinson in the draft.

MLive reported that Hutchinson said, "I actually grew up a Patriots fan with Tom Brady and stuff like that. So, I never really loved the Lions too much. But, hey, if they pick me, they're getting it all."   

You got to give Hutchinson credit for saying no matter what team picks him in the draft, he will give that team his all.

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