There's a new app that they're calling "the AirBnb of swimming pools." Find out where you can get in the water close to home this Summer.

Here's some great advice:

If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it. It's cheaper in the long run.

-Felix Dennis in How to Get Rich

While I can't promise this tip will fulfill your dream of being a self-made millionaire like Felix Dennis, I can tell you it might make you happier if you love being in the water. Not only are swimming pools expensive to install, they require a big time commitment to keep them running. Skimming, sweeping and vacuuming are a weekly, if not daily task in maintaining a pool. Don't forget to keep the right balance of chemicals in the water, or your sparking crystal-clear, refreshing water will become cloudy and green. So, if you're looking for all of the fun and none of the work, why not rent instead of buy?

A new app called Swimply lets people rent out their pools by the hour. Just search your city and you'll see which backyard you can invade with your inner tubes and kiddos. Co-founder Asher Weinberger tells CBC it's been hugely popular this Summer, for reasons you can probably guess.

There are people who are now desperate to get out of their homes. They’re working from home. There’s no school. There’s no camp. What are parents supposed to do with their kids?

-Asher Weinberger, Swimply co-founder

A quick search reveals one pool in the Kalamazoo, and a couple in the Grand Rapids area. We've got to think that more will be added as the app grows in popularity.

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