What if you could rent a boat just like you rent a car or a place to sleep? Get My Boat can put you out on the water this Summer.

If it flies, floats, or fornicates, always rent it. It's cheaper in the long run.

-Felix Dennis, author of "How to Get Rich: The Distilled Wisdom of One of Britain's Wealthiest Self-made Entrepreneurs"

One of my first jobs as a kid was working the docks at a marina. I grew up 5 miles from Lake Michigan and have always loved the water. For a time, I had a small sailboat and currently own a kayak that I don't get to use nearly enough. The season is short for water sports in Michigan, whether it is charter fishing on Lake Michigan, water skiing on Gull Lake, paddling the Kalamazoo River, blasting around on a jet ski or just floating. We only get a couple of months of great weather to be on the water. That makes boat ownership even more expensive if you think about how often you don't use it. Get My Boat is a new website that works just like a car rental agency or an Airbnb. Tell them where you want to go, what type of vessel you need and they will match you with a craft so you can set sail for your dreams.

GetMyBoat.com calls itself the world's largest boat rental and charter marketplace. We're pretty much land-locked in Kalamazoo, but if you widen the search, you can find 34 listings of powerboats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, pontoon boats and even diving lessons from Battle Creek to Three Rivers, St. Joseph, South Haven and more.

So, if you know port from starboard, have good sea-legs and can't wait to get out on the freshwater and play in the waves, click GetMyBoat and call me Ahab.

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