Remember the end of last year?  There was a flurry of recalls and not all of them food related.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised that it took this long for one and then I remembered that the government is shut down so there's nobody at home to make the call.  Which brings up an interesting point, what is being missed during the shutdown that could be critical to our well being?

According to, the U.S. Department Of Agriculture's Food Safety And Inspection Service actually was involved.  Purdue foods is recalling 68,244 pounds of gluten-free chicken nuggets sold in Kalamazoo and nationwide do to fears of wood contamination.  The supply in question was produced on October 25, 2018 with an expiration date of October 25, 2019.  The UPC bar code on the label is: 7274580656 and the plant code is: P-33944 which can also be found on the package.  For more information get the whole story by clicking HERE.


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