2018 seemed to be a record year for recalls on food, cars, appliances, etc.  I never thought about the chances of having a recall on marijuana.  There were several drug recalls last year but those, of course, were from the pharmaceutical industry.  So what could possibly be the reason for a marijuana recall?

According to wwmt.com, the Michigan Department Of Regulatory Affairs issued a health and safety advisory because certain strains of marijuana sold between 12/12/18 and 12/29/18 at Compassionate Care by Design failed laboratory testing due to a chemical residue.  The product and batch numbers are listed below:

  • Critical Cali: 1A4040100000515000000014
  • GMO: 1A4040100000515000000015
  • Silver Haze: 1A4040100000515000000016
  • GSC: 1A4040100000515000000017
  • Critical Kush: 1A4040100000515000000018
  • Blueberry: 1A4040100000515000000019
  • Skunk #1: 1A4040100000515000000020
  • Chunk D: 1A4040100000515000000021
  • Amnesia Lemon Kush: 1A4040100000515000000022
  • Special Kush: 1A4040100000515000000023
  • Purple Punch: 1A4040100000515000000024

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