Here it is, the start of fall. If you're a homeowner, you know that things collect and pile up. You don't even need to be a packrat, things just do. And the City of Kalamazoo is going to try and help at least a few of you the first weekend of October. So think of this as that the weekend where you get prepared.

The City of Kalamazoo has come up with a pilot program named "Tire Blitz". It's an easy, no muss, no fuss, way to dispose of any tires that have been lying around your house or property. Maybe it's something a simple as the kids have outgrown the tire swing in the backyard. Or you've outgrown using an old 245/50R16 as the base for your bean bag chair.

Here's how Tire Blitz works.

For three days only, this coming Thursday, September 30, Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd, you can pile any tires you don't want anymore into the back of your old F-150 and drop them off at the city's collection site at 322 East Stockbridge Avenue (that's across from where you pay your water bill). The city will have staff ready to take them off your hands and the best's all free. But there is one catch. You have to be a resident of the city of Kalamazoo and be able to prove it a with a utility bill, state/county ID, or a driver’s license. Oh, and the tires have to be removed from the rim.

Here are the hours of operation each day.
Thursday, September 30th from 3 pm - 7 pm.
Friday, October 1st from 10 am - 2 pm
Saturday, October 2nd from 9 am. - 1 pm.

Here's how this helps the city: People dump tires on bulk trash days, but the city doesn't accept tires through the bulk trash program, so the tires get dump just any old place. The city says the tires become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. So if you're "tired" of mosquitos, this is your way to help the cause.

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