Right now is a good time for the Detroit Lions to have a bye week. After all the introductory press conferences before the season started, with talk of biting knee caps and the like, this season has been like a pinprick to a balloon. Yes, the team plays hard most of the time, but it's just not very good.

So do yourself a little favor. The smart thing would be to just stay away from the TV or phone and go outside and have some fun, with some great weather predicted. But if you're like me, you won't be staying too far away from a game or two on Sunday. So, here's some video from the olden days: 1991. (It's practically a miracle that it's in color) Somebody posted the highlights to the last Lions playoff win, from 1991 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Kramer to Green...twice

This is what a football team really looks like. Quarterback Erik Kramer leading a scoring drive with a touchdown to rookie receiver Willie Green is the first highlight on this clip. (And you know it was a big game because Pat Summerall and John Madden, both Hall of Famers are calling the game on CBS. If you're a Lions fan, right now you'd take a roster full of Kramers and Greens, but wait, it gets better.

There's Melvin Jenkins picking off future Hall of Famer Troy Aikman for a touchdown. Keep in mind, this Dallas team was two years away from winning three Super Bowls in five years, and the Lions toyed with them.

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Lions up and here's Kramer to Willie Green again. So, now, the Lions are ahead 24-6 and are driving again. Like the person who tweeted this clip, this must be some alternate reality. And there's Herman Moore catching a touchdown pass. He was one of the finest receivers in Lions history.

"Six Cowboys missed him"

But it's still not over. Saving the best for last. Most Lions fans will be proud to tell you Barry Sanders was the best. And all you need to know is Summerall saying "six Cowboys missed him."

Yes, it was only one game. Those Lions didn't win a Super Bowl, but it's a nice, pleasant diversion on a bye week for a winless team. Do what I do. Bookmark that tweet and when you're feeling down, take a look at it. For me, it's the "17 Seconds" of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. Never gets old. Enjoy.

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