First things first.  Will Michigan be playing football in the Fall?  My thought is that college sports will be watching how the pro sports do to get an indication of whether or not they'll be able to make it happen.

The other issue remains to be decided as to campus being open to in-class instruction for students.  Will student athletes be eligible to play if they're not students?  Or will online students be considered eligible?  These are just a few of the questions yet to be answered.

The next question is, in the event playing is permitted, will fans be allowed in the stands?  For the sake of argument lets say yes.  If so, there will be no football season tickets or sales to the general public.  Only current season ticket holders will have the opportunity to be at the games.

Now, the season ticket holders will retain their tickets but due to attendance limitations will probably not have their normal seats.  So far there is no final determination as to how many fans will be allowed in the stadium.

Also remember that it has already been announced that only conference games will be played in the Big Ten which means the number of games will be reduced as well.  All of this brings up an entirely new set of questions.

Will this shortened season be an advantage for Michigan?  Many say no because the rivalry games are on the road.  Others say road game disadvantage won't be that big of a factor with the reduced crowds.  Any way you look at this it's going to be weird and very interesting.  I just hope there's a season and I wouldn't be disappointed if we have to wait for spring.

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