It may be more superstition than science, but they say bringing this on a fishing vessel is bad luck for everyone involved.

This is bananas. Really...bananas. Bananas are thought to be bad luck for Lake Michigan charter fishing boats. South Haven Fishing Charters has the tale:

It may be an old wives tale, but it's a fact that Bananas are Bad Luck on a fishing charter boat. History tells us that this tale originated from early years when boats with Bananas in the cargo, ran aground, got lost at sea, or lost many of their crew members to a deadly sickness. Further investigation indicated that the bananas were prone to carry the deadly tarantula spiders.

We believe the bananas are safe, but just to make sure that we have great day on the bay, let's leave the bananas home.

So, bring your hat, sunglasses, sunblock and a snack on your next charter fishing trip to the Big Lake, but leave the bananas on shore.

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