With summer finally here in Michigan more more people will be heading to lakes, ponds, community pools, and their own swimming pools to try and cool down from the excessive heat. Michigan has already seen even at the beginning of summer.

But with that comes warnings for people who have chosen to make Lake Michigan, one of those destinations to cool down. Every year, Lake Michigan claims the lives of over a dozen people and injures even more. It’s sad because Lake Michigan has always been synonymous with the state, but seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on.
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After facing a massive heat wave in Southwest Michigan last week, the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids sent out a tweet, urging people to use caution and at times not to swim in the lake:

Could We Lose Swimming Access In Lake Michigan?

Do you think there could come a time when the National Weather Service and the state put an all-out ban on swimming in Lake Michigan for a period of time? Or do you think the current system using flags to determine whether it’s safe or not will improve over time?

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