In terms of parenting there has been quite the evolution.  We've gone from you'll figure it out to let the schools take care of it to helicopter parenting to bulldozer parenting.  You would think that the last 2 would result in more educated and prepared children.  Perhaps total involvement priorities have changed and in many cases priorities haven't with parents completely relying on schools to teach and prepare their children all on their own.  In fact, some parents have gotten combative with teachers and schools due to under-performing children.  What happened to being a part of the process?  Simply reading to small children can help with development on many levels.

In an article on 9&, thousands of Michigan 3rd graders could be held back due to poor reading scores.  Of course, kids being held back is nothing new but now there are different perimeters in place that will be less lenient.  A Michigan State University study predicts that one kid in every 3rd grade class in the state will be held back due to new reading standards about to go into effect.  That's about 2,500 children.


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