Once again I find myself waxing nostalgic remembering high school days when the kids would smoke in the bathrooms and a "lookout" would start saying "Hello Mr. Tyler" as loud as he could as said teacher approached the bathroom.  Nowadays, technology has made it easier to smoke in high school and to get what you need to smoke at a high school age.  For years now, high schools have tested for various things but until the e-cigarette and vaping epidemic there didn't seem any reason to test for nicotine.

Last week a Nebraska school district approved a measure and will test students for nicotine. Any student who participates in extracurricular activities will have to submit to testing already in place for other banned substances but will now include nicotine.  This as a result of the vaping rate increasing to 27.4% this year.  The question is: Will other school districts like Kalamazoo and Portage institute a similar policy amid the vaping epidemic?


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