There is a school district in Clark County, Indiana that will be drug testing high school students.  Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention to what is happening in the high school realm.  Has there always been student drug testing?  This is the first I've heard about it.

According to WILX in Lansing, this district in Indiana will begin testing students that are involved in extracurricular activities like sports, band and those who are allowed to drive to and from school.  Apparently, ten students will be selected at random each quarter and tested for ten drugs that teens are most likely to use.  By the way, the cost will come from parking fee funds at the school.  The questions I have are how long has this sort of thing been going on at schools around the country; not just Indiana?  Will this create a national trend and begin to be incorporated in Kalamazoo area high schools?  And lastly, is this a good idea?  Get more details by clicking HERE.

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