If I'm not careful, I'm going to get the reputation that I'm a pothead.  I'm not, but I seem to be drawn to the battle between those for and those against.  For the record, I'm in favor of legalization as I don't think weed is going to be any more harmful than many of the other indulgences that ARE legal; except for the use of edibles that are being consumed in high concentrations leading to less than safe affects. Further, I believe there are a whole host of medical and other benefits that we are not resourcing right now.

That subject can wait.  What makes me wonder is all the push back by city officials around the state toward medical and recreational marijuana.  According to  WXYZ, a survey shows 75% of Michigan cities oppose medical marijuana dispensaries in their area and 54% of local officials oppose the legalization of marijuana.  On the other ha.nd, 61% of the general population in Michigan support the legalization.  So I guess we'll see if its a mute point come November.  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.


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