It's amazing how many things we do that seem like common sense turn out to be the wrong thing.  Doesn't it make sense to leave a small child's coat on in the car when it's freezing outside?  Of course it does but the reason you don't do this has nothing to do with outside temperatures or inside temperatures for that matter.  My guess would have been something about overheating and my guess would be wrong.

According to an article from our friends at, the danger comes from a child in a thick, puffy coat and how secure you think they are in their car seat.  Sue Auriemma fro Kids and Cars says:

It may not seem like a few inches of fabric and filler would make a difference, but the consequences could be fatal. Official crash tests confirm this, as a child dummy that appeared to be securely strapped into a car seat flew out of it in a simulated 30-mph crash.  There are quite a few things that many of us have been wrong about when it comes to kids in car seats.  Check them out by clicking HERE.


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