Don't we have enough to worry about???  Worrying that your Christmas Tree can kill your pets is like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man can destroy New York.  Nevertheless, it's true that we have to take precautions against this sort of thing happening to our dogs and cats.

According to Pet MD, the main danger is needles and tree water.  If your pet eats the needles (mine is stupid enough to do it) it can cause gastrointestinal irritation and even puncture or cause an obstruction to the intestinal lining.  As for the tree water water, it too can prove to be hazardous and even poisonous.  Only a few laps of the water can be harmful because of the chemicals used to keep the tree fresh and healthy such as preservatives, fertilizers, and pesticides which could possibly even cause death.  so just a heads up to either put up obstacles or keep your furry friend out of the room entirely.  for more information click HERE.




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