The community of Hell, Michigan is looking for 29 couples to get married on 2/29 at 2:29pm. Why? Hell if I know.

I'm sure many of you felt your marriage was from hell at one time or another, well now you can get married IN Hell, so you know it's from Hell!

On the Hell, Michigan Facebook page, appropriately called 'Go To Hell', the town of Hell says they are offering free marriages to the first 29 couples who sign up to get married on February 29 (Leap Day) at 2:29 in the afternoon.

For more information or to reserve your spot, call 734-878-2233.

Normally, the wedding chapel beneath the 'Gates of Hell' charges $125 for a wedding ceremony, complete with officiant, Reverend Vonn, the Minister from Hell (his official title). And you can still pay that price if you'd like your own private ceremony on Leap Day.

If you would like to participate, you can get a wedding license for Livingston County here.

So why Leap Day marriages in Hell? According to the Minister from Hell, it's to give the men in the relationship a break. Vonn told the Visit Livingston County web site, “We do that because only the men have to remember their anniversary once every four years."


But there is some good related with Leap Day weddings.

Old time tradition has always indicated that Leap Day is a day that women can propose marriage, and ask men out for a date.

In Ireland, women were advised to propose on February 29th as the extra day was deemed to be lucky. It is believed that this luck would reduce the chances of divorce and endorse lifelong love.







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