Heritage Guitar in Kalamazoo recently celebrated it's 100th Anniversary at 225 Parsons Street with a big celebration and an announcement for the future of the factory. 

The celebration included music through out the afternoon, food and tours of the factory.   There was a great crowd thorough out the afternoon and many took advantage of the tours as they were filled up by middle of the afternoon.

The highlight of the celebration was the announcement of the partnership with Rolling Stone and BandLab Technologies.    According to M-Live, BandLab Technologies will help distribution through out the world.

There is also plans for a live entertainment venue, a instrument store, recording studio and rehearsal space.

There was also details on their "Save The Stack" campaign which is the effort to save the Gibson smokestack at the factory.

It was great to see the community turn out to celebrate this historic place.  A true gem in Kalamazoo.  Look forward to seeing the history continue at the historic factory.

Bonus Video: Take A Tour Of The 1077 WRKR Studio In Kalamazoo 


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