It's no secret that I'm a huge Beatles fan and have been since I heard my older cousins playing their music when I was barely old enough to hear.  My wife is also a huge fan and because of that everyone of our kids are huge fans as well.  A couple years ago for Father's Day my oldest daughter Kaitlyn took me to a traveling Beatles exhibit in the Detroit area and blew my mind.  So I'm always looking for anything Beatles related.

As it turns out, I just found something else Beatles related on that's right here in Michigan.  There's a Beatles-themed restaurant north of Detroit in Chesterfield township called Strawberry Fields and, apparently, it's what we fans hoped for.  As you might expect there are plenty of memorabilia items and photos on the walls and, of course, menu items that reference the Fab Four.  My favorite is the "Happiness Is A Warm Bun" cinnamon roll.  Check out some of the other items and pictures of the place by clicking HERE.




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