U of M and State now have their own beers

Just in time for tailgating season (yes, to some it is a season), Big Lake Brewing in Holland has once again brewed up beers inspired by the University of Michigan and Michigan State. Thanks to Big Lake Brewing, Fans can show support for their  favorite team by drinking the beer made just for them.

Mlive reported details about the brew.

“Sparti Parti” and “Haze and Blue” both share the same New England IPA base. For those “Go Blue” fans, the brewery adds in real blueberries to the beer for a hint of fruit. It comes in at an easy 5.5% ABV, making this a pretty approachable NEIPA. Spartans get to enjoy some great citrus notes in their brew from the addition of Amarillo and Mandarina hops, and the 7% ABV will get them yelling “Go Green, Go White” even more enthusiastically.

If you are looking to stock up your cooler, you can purchase across the state, at bottle shops, grocery stores and restaurants.


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