Holland Peanut Store has been a downtown fixture on 8th Street for over 100 years.  The candy shop is in its 5th generation of ownership- now that's sweet!

Holland Peanut Store was founded in 1902, the same year as Target Corporation, J.C. Penney, and a little guitar company you may have heard of called Gibson. It began as a stand for selling produce, fruits, candies, nuts and confections. Nearly 120 years later, it is still run by the Fabiano family that started the business. Think about that for a moment; how many times has your bank or credit union changed their name? Naturally, the clan was proud to introduce the newest generation on Facebook:

We have important news to share! Sarah, upon her mothers retirement, has assumed the roll as Co-Owner of Holland Peanut Store. Her mother, Celeste was a Co-Owner of Holland Peanut Store for over 20 years!
“I’m honored to be the Fifth Generation continuing to operate Holland Peanut Store with my Aunt Mary and my Uncle Tom.
We are all so thankful for friends, family and our entire community for the continued love and support.” - ❤️ Sarah

-Holland Peanut Store via Facebook

Under the guidance of the Fabiano tribe, Holland Peanut Shop endured the Great Depression, and not even the Coronavirus pandemic could shut down this business. It was supported by loyal customers- mostly on the phone, with call-in orders and curbside pickup of the confections only they can make. People weren't willing to go without their paddle pops during the pandemic. As you can see by the photo below, Holland Peanut Store is in good hands for the future.

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