Remember we Al Gore started talking about global warning back in 2000 and it was assumed that by 2010 we'd have the weather of Tennessee?  Some were like "alright"!!!!  "I can dig a warmer winter"!  Others were disappointed that we would lose one of the 4 seasons and, in Michigan's case, one of the important ones.  Important, of course, to tourism dollars and to a great extent part of our identity.  Well, it hasn't turned out as predicted and global warming has become climate change.  But one thing that keeps us guessing is El Nino.

Our friends at mLive have been keeping tabs on this weather phenomenon and how it will affect the severity of our winter weather.  So far, the last 17 years haven't shown a drastic departure from what's been traditional.  So what's the El Nino outlook for winter 2018?  It looks like we could be in for a milder winter.  However, according to the article, the experts aren't yet certain that the El Nino Affect will be strong enough to cause a drastic change at this point in their calculations.  So, once again, we'll just have to wait and see just like always.  Get more details and explanations by clicking HERE.

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