A recent study that was conducted by Groupon revealed that Michigan is the 3rd best state in the country for beer lovers, falling short of California and Colorado. The metric they used to determine this had to do with Quality (average score of 5 best-tasting beers made in each state), affordability (average cost of 12 oz. beer in each state), and enthusiasm (number of beer-related Groupons sold in each state per 1,000 people.)

Now although we only made 3rd place, we did rank#1 for the state where beer is the cheapest, yet ranked #15 for how much people are into beer. Studies like this make me laugh considering how Michigan is easily the beer capital of the country. Although California has over 800 craft breweries, the quality and passion put into the brewing industry in Michigan is quickly becoming a tradition. I would put up any Michigan beer against a California beer any day of the week (Twice on Sundee).

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