Halloween is mainly for the fun.
The fun of dressing up and pretending.
The fun and beauty of the colorful leaves on the trees.
The fun of being scared of things that really can’t hurt you.
The fun of costume parties and being with people you actually like.
The fun of eating all the cool seasonal sweet stuff that ain’t good for you.
The fun of dusting off all your classic monster/horror movie dvds and binge-watching.

Yup, it’s all for fun. Even so, there are still a few who tread lightly when it comes to Halloween and Halloween-tinged things. Some think it’s a celebration of evil. I think of it more as a way to face any fears you have and realize the true things to be afraid of are actually other people. NOT monsters.

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That said, we all have our special recollections of Halloween. I remember when it used to be completely dark outside by 5:30 and we’d head out trick or treatin’. Two years in a row I won first prize at the school costume contest. One year I had a pillow under my shirt behind my back and went as the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The following year, I used the same pillow but put it in front, like a big belly. That was the only difference, and I won that year as well: a shiny new 50-cent piece. After that, I never entered any more contests.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall any Halloweens other than when I was old enough to go out on my own. I wish I could remember my mom or dad takin’ me, but I just can’t…too long ago. Both of them are gone and I wish I could stir up one of those memories. I only hope your past Halloweens were good ones, and all the ones in your future will be evil-free and good to remember as you get older. The gallery below has many photos of Michiganders from various towns enjoying Halloween, going back way over 100 years.

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