A few winters ago I limped my car to an auto body shop, the rim on the front driver's side bent horribly after a run-in with a Kalamazoo pothole, and I had spent two days repeatedly filling my quickly leaking tire until I could get my car in. The auto body specialist met me in the parking lot.

"Pot hole?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yup. Didn't even see it. With all the melt it just looked like a puddle," I replied.

"Stadium Drive?" he mused. Who is this quy, Kreskin?

"Yeah... how did you - "

"Last two weeks have been nothing but pothole damage control here. That's why we couldn't get you in right away. It's been crazy."

I didn't doubt it. The potholes in Kalamazoo are mightier foes than their Midwestern counterparts. They're big. They're deep. And they appear overnight like a whisper to surprise you (and your coffee) on your morning commute. So, what can you do to alert authorities to these navigational nemeses? Well, it's as easy as see, click, fix! Literally; the website to check out is SeeClickFix. Click on "report an issue" on the upper right side, enter the location of the asphalt offense, and click submit!

See something? Say something. Together we can keep the streets safe for all drivers.

Bonus Video: Rocker Morning Show Interview Kalamazoo's Jordan Klepper


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