The United States Post Office got slower under the last president, and this week under the new president, its gonna get even slower.

I feel like there should be a yawn here or something, but if you are waiting for something in the mail, you may have more time than you need to sneak in a knap.

You would think with companies like FedEx, UPS and others, the last thing the USPS would want to do is slow down even more.

According to WOOD, its not all deliveries that will slow down but some most definitely will slow down. USPS will begin the new move to cut costs and increase reliability this Friday.

Of course just over 60% of first class mail will be unaffected and some will actually increase their delivery time an additional 39%. If you order periodicals such as magazines, deliveries for those will massively speed up by over 90%. I always like to start with the good news first.

Now for the bad news, and this is really where most of us are when it comes to getting our mail: If local mail only took a day to reach you before, well you are in for a shock, that same mail will take about 3 days now. You may want to keep that in mind will sending moms mother's day card.

So basically, the further you send your mail, the longer it will take to get there. If you have family out of state and need to send a gift, your best bet is to mail it way earlier than in the past.

The USPS is shifting from using less airplanes to move mail and going a bit old school and moving it by ground instead. Sounds like they are just giving the air mail to FedEx and UPS.

Because airmail has its own problems, especially in Michigan and in the mid-west because of weather, the USPS won't have to deal with as many unexpected weather delays and at the same time save a ton of money. They do know our roads get bad in the winter right?

The USPS has a 10 year plan on restructuring how they do business. Hopefully it doesn't get worse in 10 years.

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