An engulfing fire claimed much of the Iron Gypsies clubhouse on Red Arrow Highway in Tea Pot Dome near Paw Paw.

Images of the fire shared to Facebook show the damage and the fight to douse the flames and save the building.

The Clubhouse is on Red Arrow Highway just east of M-51 in the hamlet of Teapot Dome between Paw Paw and Lawrence.

Most importantly, no one was hurt in the fire.

We first saw the news on the Hartford Michigan Happenings Facebook page:

Biker Club at Teapot Dome burned down last night. Talked to a member an hour ago and he said they don't know what caused it. It is under investigation.

The MC has photos of the fire on thier Facebook page

Motorcycle Clubs Show Solidarity and Support

Several other MCs jumped into the comments to show support for the IGs

Sorry to hear about the fire. Let us (CMA Soul Searchers) know if we can help in any way.

So sorry to hear this guys let us know if you need anything (Warrior’s Oath)

So sorry we are here if need Skull Riders

Awe man. That effing sucks. PARA-DICE MC send good wishes ........ Peace

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Better Times at the Iron Gypsies MC

igmc building
Google Maps Street View

Prior to the fire, here's the unassuming clubhouse along Red Arrow Highway. Videos shared on the club's Facebook page show fun times at the club including several burnouts.

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