Over the years we've been moderately surprised at some rules of the road like the "move over" law which makes great sense.  Then some were really surprised by the "can't leave your car running" law which I can understand in principle.

As we got hit with all that snow on Friday and had to venture out, we saw more than a few cars whose drivers didn't bother to remove snow from the back windshield or, more importantly, from the front windshield.  The more amazing sight were the cars that had what looked like a foot of snow on the hood which made the driver have to look over the snow to see.  Upon seeing one car I exclaimed: "There ought to be a law against that".

As it turns out there is!  Michigan Vehicle Code, section 257.677a which says, in effect, that snow flying off your car onto other cars is illegal.  Plus we already new that it is illegal to have something blocking your vision or covering the lights on your car. You can check out the whole story from our friends at Detroit Free Press by clicking HERE.

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