I remember it vividly...

Last Fall when a shortage of liquor was announced in Kalamazoo. Thousands of people poured into the streets running amok with their heads in their hands screaming NOOOOOO!!!! Wait a second...I may have exaggerated some facts.  The reaction may have been slightly calmer but still concerning, when they found out that Cognac and Tequila products were going to be hard to come by for a while.

That 2019 drought of liquor was caused by a software glitch that brought one of the main distributers of liquor to a grinding halt. The fact that it happened right before a critical drinking season made it a nightmare on those of us who count on dulling our senses with the liquid gold during the anxiety ridden holiday season.

This time around the shortage may be due to liquor companies pivoting to help out with hand sanitizers and are slowed now to get back to regular liquor production and distribution.

So keep in mind when I found out there might possibly be another liquor shortage through rumored social media posts and comments that I saw, that I needed to act swiftly.

Yes sir, I needed to pound the pavement and do the legwork to get to the bottom of the rumors. With that in mind, I donned my stately Press Hat Troupe and hit the bricks as they say in the industry. I went right to the source by visiting three liquor stores in Kalamazoo and here's what my comic troupe investigation revealed.

Sprinkle Wine and Spirits at 2116 S. Sprinkle Road:

Very limited Hennessy line. Same goes for Patron and Don Julio products. Although available, it was reported to me how slow it is to restock the shelves with cognac and tequila products. The rest of liquor line up was robustly stocked and a wide variety of liquors available. I ended up buying an impressively packaged bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey...yum!

Tiffany's Wine and Spirits on 1714 W. Main Street:

The day of my visit they were out of all Hennessy products. Patron and Don Julio were also out. Reported restocking inventory in a timely manner was getting difficult. Rest  of the liquor line up was fully stocked and available.

Mega Bev at 5519 W. Main Street:

A couple of fifth's of Hennessy V.S. but the rest of the carried Hennessy products were only pints. Fifths of Patron Silver and Don Julio Blanco were available but reported slow to restock.  Rest of liquor brands were amply stocked and available.

In conclusion; stating there is a shortage might be a little bit of an overblown statement but to say there are fully stocked burgeoning shelves all over town is misleading as well. Slightly stockpiling your current stash for a few months over the holidays might be your best bet at keeping a healthy amount of the "calming" liquid gold on hand to get you by.

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