Kalamazoo is known for being one of the most disability friendly cities in the country, and there are plans to make it even more accessible. It isn't uncommon to see dogs in grocery stores, beer gardens, restaurants. However, there is a difference between a service dog and a pet, and some legislators in Michigan are cracking down on people taking advantage of service dog friendly environments and passing their pets off as assistance.

According to an article from a Fox affiliate, passing off untrained animals as service dogs can be dangerous:

"They are no level near the amount of training real service dogs are,” which brings in the risk of problems noise, barking, and possible biting.

How serious is the legislation? Michigan made it a crime to pass an untrained dog off as a service dog with a possible 90-day jail sentence if convicted.

It's just another way we can make navigating the world a little safer for those who need it.

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