Bronco Bash is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, a tradition that has been taken over by the Kalamazoo community and is always a fantastic event. Every year, Bronco Bash is a highly anticipated event for not only the new students at Western Michigan University but also for the faculty, returning students, other staff, and the entire city of Kalamazoo. This year's event is expected to be one of the best WMU has ever seen, filled with live entertainment, food, drinks, and hundreds of Vendors.

It's hard to say what Bronco Bash was the best right, I mean every era has its highlights to offer and its lowlights they'd like to look over. Overall, we all expect to see tons of vendors, amazing live entertainment and have a good time. This year should be no different, but after coming across some photos on the interweb, it may be time to take a trip in a time machine and reminisce.

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Granted, I wasn't even born, let alone thought of in my mother's brain when Bronco Bash was started and I still wasn't born when these throwback pictures were taken. Western Michigan University posted some pictures from the Bronco Bash that took place in 1995. There are pictures of tons of students and community members enjoying the live shows and vendors on the Sangren Mall.

The pictures show everything from students casually strolling across the mall to them checking out the newest technology. They were able to participate in activities like blow-up jousting and interact with the live entertainment. There are also amazing overview photos that capture large crowds as they take in the festival. Bronco Bash looked like some of the most lit times were during the 90s.

Check out these throwback photos below, maybe you'll see yourself or someone else you know!

Blast Into The Past At Bronco Bash

Take a look at these flicks from Bronco Bash way back in 1995! 27 years ago Bronco Bash was LIT!

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