The landscape of shopping has completely changed for many reasons such as the implementation of self-checkout lanes, the fallout of covid-19, the rising inflation costs, and the ever-changing rules of our society. It seems like every time we turn around there is a new rule or a change to the rules that were already set. This is making it more difficult to shop for things but it may all be for a good reason as they are just trying to keep us all safe and hold people accountable.

Another annoying part of cashing yourself out through self-checkout is when you scan something that needs an age verification you must wait for the attendant to come over and swipe your ID. This can be tedious especially when you are buying something you didn't think you'd be ID'd for. So should Michigan be adding baking soda to the list of items that require the age of 18 or older to be verified by showing a valid picture ID?

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As the pollen starts to swirl around the country and the allergy season picks up you will see tons of people flowing into stores and pharmacies to purchase cold medicine, allergy relief, cough drops, and other remedies to combat the symptoms. I just want to remind you all that although these products are for everyday use by most ages, there are still a select few that should only be in adult hands.

The jarring thing is that some of these things can cause you to pull out your ID and show the cashier that you are above the legal purchasing age. I know, all these items are common household items but some of their contents or avenues in which they are used are the reason for those under a certain age to be permitted to buy them.

Baking soda is another one of those household items that can be tricky because depending on what you are using it for, it's not dangerous. For the most part, people are using baking soda for cleaning, baking, and other household needs but there are a few bad apples out there using the product for worse, which raises the question of making it stricter to obtain.

As of right now, baking soda is a product that you can purchase without an ID verifying your age but there have been talks of changing that. Several states around the United States including Michigan have started the conversation about making the streets safer and tightening the restrictions around the purchasing of baking soda.

What do you think, should Michigan lawmakers make it mandatory to show ID for baking soda or is this taking things too far?

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I decided to go to ChatGPT to find out other weird items that require an ID in Texas. This obviously isn't all of them but you've probably had to show ID when buying or participating in any of these.

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