In the digital age that we’re living in currently, it’s making driving even more dangerous with the number of things we have to distract drivers these days. Phones continue to be an issue while people are driving on the road, which does not help when it comes to busy intersections.

Small distractions or even impaired driving lead to thousands of deaths on the road every year and a recent study was performed to find out which kind of intersection was the deadliest in all of Michigan. It turns out the table is slanted when it comes to one particular intersection with the most deadly collisions.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded fatal crashes that took place between 2017 and 2021 and thanks to a study that was conducted by a personal injury law firm called Injured in Florida, which shows which intersections are most dangerous in our state:

Four-way intersections top the list as Michigan's most common intersection for deadly collisions, with 73.9% of all recorded intersection fatal crashes occurring at this type of crossroad. The analysis found that out of the total 1,379 fatal crashes examined, 1,019 were at Four-Way Intersections, higher than any other category. T-intersections were identified as the second most common site for fatal crashes, with 327 incidents making up 23.7% of the total. Y-intersections were the third most common among the studied intersection types, accounting for 16 fatal crashes or 1.2%.

In all, there are 8 different kinds of intersections in Michigan, but 4-ways continue to be the most deadly, most likely because of the amount of traffic they generate. Always make sure you're staying distraction-free on the road, and keep that phone out of your hands.

The Deadliest Intersections In Michigan

Gallery Credit: Jessica Poxson

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