Kellogg's has been at the top of the cereal game since the early 1900s, but they also tapered into other parts of the breakfast world as they have made pastries, granola bars, and other snacks to continue expanding their brand. I can't imagine that W.K Kellogg had a global, multibillion dollar company in mind when he created corn flakes back in the 1896 but here, we are.

Of course, Kellogg's has competitors in Post, General Mills, and Quaker Oats but I don't think there is too much of a competition there. The only one of these companies that competes in the slightest is General Mills, some would argue that they are better but how could they be? Kellogg's is always looking to be innovative and bring something new to the game, and yes, they might have done it again with a new cereal being tested on the market.

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I wasn't aware that Kellogg's was the parent company or the company that owned the rights to Smucker's. I can remember being a young kid and being introduced to Smucker's, but I was using the 2-1 jelly and peanut butter mix. Then, sometime in elementary school I was given the best Smucker's product to exist, an uncrustable. The formula they have is down to a T as the peanut butter, jelly, and bread ratios are perfect. Now, Kellogg's might have a new Smucker's product for the shelves.

Kellogg's is bringing the world of peanut butter and jelly to the cereal world with their new tester product. They have decided to make Smucker's Uncrustables into a cereal and they could be bringing the cereal to select markets as a test on the consumer value of the product. There is no official word on this but after seeing the post below the word has been swirling around.

As noted before there has been no official word from Smucker's or Kellogg's indicating that they will be releasing this cereal. If they did, would you buy it? What do you think it would taste like? What flavor(s) would you want to see? Which flavor do you think would taste the best?

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