Once again, the Mitten state is known for many things from fudge and the Great Lakes, to cherries, beer, and Coney Island. Arguably the most influential invention coming from Michigan is the automobile. Henry T Ford invented the first vehicle way back in the early times of the 20th century before things started to take off. He is also responsible for our current 8 hours for 5 days a week work schedule.

Other than creating what has been the bane of many of our existence as adults, he has created one of the other biggest headaches to adults, their vehicles. Many Michiganders and citizens around the United States have purchased, leased, or rented a Ford vehicle. Many people have only driven Ford vehicles and that's all that their family owns. If you or your loved ones are one of the many Ford drivers then you or they may want to know this.

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Ford has long since passed and given his business and fortune to his kids, who have continued to manufacture vehicles and create new designs and upgrades as the years go on. Along with the changes in the game have come the mistakes that lead to recalls more times than not, just to keep the business and customer safe from any injury or legal proceedings.

With that being said, Ford was the vehicle manufacturer who recalled the most vehicles in 2023. This was not only for the state of Michigan but also for the entire country, as vehicles were recalled in all 50 states for these issues. According to data found on the NHSTA website, Ford saw 205.6 million vehicles impacted by NHTSA recalls in 2023 - which is 1,592% higher than the average across the 100 most affected makers.

The most common reasons that Ford and other vehicle manufacturers enacted recalls are airbags, tires, electrical systems, and fuel tanks. To give a comparison on how many more recalls Ford was enacting than other vehicle manufacturers across the country, out of the total number of recalled vehicles, Ford is responsible for 16.3% of them.

Abandoned Highland Park Ford Plant (and Henry's Office)

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