Amber Alert is one of the most monumental instruments that was added to our world as it has saved so many lives. Amber Alerts were made to notify the state and/or country that there was someone holding a child hostage that shouldn't have them. Many children have been reunited with their parents after being a victim to kidnapping due to an Amber Alert being issued with information of their looks and car type.

Since then, many states have created other kinds of alerts that go out to notify their residents that someone is in a hostage situation and being held against their will. Another alert that has had success has been the Silver Alert, which alerts nearby residents of missing elderly persons, especially senior citizens with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or other mental disabilities. Now, New York has added a new statewide alert for another group of individuals, could this alert be coming to Michigan?

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The new alert in question is the "Ebony Alert", which will be used to notify residents of missing black children or missing young black women between the ages of 12-25. There are several states around the country that have added this new alert but the most recent is New York. All electronic highway signs in the area and media devices, such as television, radio, social media, and other platforms will spread information about the person who is missing.

The significance of this alert is marked by the fact that 40% of all missing persons cases involve people of color and often times they are women. Also, black people make up 13% of the overall population in the United States, so keeping them safe should be a priority of lawmakers.

Remember that time is critical for any missing person's case. Stay alert for the provided description and use any media attached to help recognize the missing individual. Hopefully the Ebony Alert will help reunite more families with their missing loved one if it is implemented here in Michigan.

Do you think Michigan should add the Ebony Alert? Are there any other demographics that you believe should be brought up in conversation for their own alert?

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