Going to college is one of the biggest changes in one's life not only for the person going to college but for all their friends and family. Often, college is a time for individuals to find themselves while preparing themselves for the real world and entering the workforce. College is meant to be enjoyed by all while also cherished for what it was when you leave because there will never be another period like the 4+ years you spend in college.

The biggest thing about the move to college is that parents are always extremely concerned about the well-being of their children. Many people choose to move hours away from home to chase their dream lifestyle, leaving their previous life as they know it behind. This sends parents into a frenzy as they cannot be as close or helpful as they would like but it's an important part of growth. Since safety is a big part of the college decision it's something almost every university or college focuses on. These 3 Michigan colleges are some of the safest in the entire country.

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Only a few things can help a parent, specifically a mother, relax when sending her child(ren) off to college, knowing they will be safe and taken care of. Many colleges and universities have prioritized having the safest campus possible, and many college coaches give their word as well. But, just like anything else, some colleges and universities are safer than others.

Michigan has plenty of cities and towns around the state that are unsafe for its residents and visitors but at the same time, there are tons of very safe communities scattered across the Mitten State. Research.com found the 50 safest college towns in the United States and 3 of them are right here in Michigan. Those there are Rochester Hills, Midland, and Marquette, here is how they ranked amongst other towns on the list:

11. Rochester Hills

One of the safest cities in Michigan is Rochester Hills. Despite having a large population, the city has a very low violent crime rate of 0.7, making it a good choice for students and their families looking for a college town to settle in. It also has plenty of good schools, from primary to tertiary education, such as Oakland University and Rochester Community Schools.

  • Population: 74,669
  • CollegeOakland University
  • Undergrad population: 15,476
  • Violent Crime Rate: 0.7
  • Property Crime Rate: 5.9

27. Midland

This college town is one of the safest places in Michigan, with a violent crime of 1.3. Midland is home to Northwood University and has a rich cultural, historical, and architectural tradition. Its notable places include the Midland Center for the Arts, Midland County Historical Societies Heritage Park, and the Civic Arena.

  • Population: 41,961
  • CollegeNorthwood University
  • Undergrad population: 2,744
  • Violent Crime Rate: 1.3
  • Property Crime Rate: 8.4

30. Marquette

The City of Marquette, Michigan has consistently been rated as one of the safest college towns in America. A part of Marquette County, this city in the Great Lake State has a violent crime rate of 1.1. This major port city along Lake Superior is home to Northern Michigan University.

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