Not only was I clueless that Kalamazoo had a Wiffle Ball League, but apparently, it's VERY competitive, and their All-Star team just won a National Championship.

Let me introduce you to the Kalamazoo Wiffle League, and the men who made it a mainstream sport in our community.

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First of all, congratulations to the Kalamazoo Keggers on their National Championship in the NWLA Tournament. They competed in the event this past week just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The Keggers were in the final game, beating the St. Louis team Skibbe Wiffle this past Sunday.


Justin Gregory is the co-commissioner for the Kalamazoo Wiffle League, and was on the winning All-Star team during their run this year.

"I was the guy on 3rd who came across as the winning run. I was so laser focused, and it wasn't until the pitch count was 4-0 I realized, 'Holy s***... one more ball, and this is ours!'"

Wiffle Ball has a five-ball pitch count, and the Keggers won on a walk, but not without sweating early on.

The game seemed out of reach early, as the Keggers were down 4-1 heading into the 6th inning, but then went on a 4-run dream run at the plate to put them up 5-4 at the end of the game, handing them the championship.

Courtesy of Kalamazoo Wiffle League
Courtesy of Kalamazoo Wiffle League

"I just appreciate them, and their attitude. The championship game was what we were focusing on, but it was an incredibly tough run, hard-nosed ball to get to that spot."

The All-Star team has been in the National Wiffle League Championship Tournament every year since it started 12 years ago, and 11 times they came up short, including a runner-up position in 2020.

"We took that with us every year after. Gave us that little bit of extra confidence that we can do this. We just gotta finish."

Which they clearly did this season, with an All-star cast, all from the local Wiffle Ball League that has been around since 2006.

Kalamazoo Wiffle League

The Kalamazoo Wiffle League has been around for 17 years. Gregory said it's typically composed of several teams across two different leagues - one competitive, and one social - that play from May to August every year.

Teams typically need at least 8-9 players to really have fun, but if a team does need a fill-in, or someone to fill a roster spot, there are some single players around, looking for a team to join.

"A lot of the guys played D-1 (baseball) at one point, and once they finished, they just weren't feeling softball, so this is where they come. There's some really competitive guys on some of these teams."

Courtesy of Kalamazoo Wiffle League
Courtesy of Kalamazoo Wiffle League

Gregory says the competitive league is a lot of fun, but the skill level is quite high for most of the players. People who are looking for something at a little slower pace, or are still learning the rules of Wiffle Ball can join the social league, which they started a few years ago.

"We use that to get people used to the game, and sometimes, they'll move up to the competitive league. But it's much more loose, little more relaxed, and still a lot of fun.

Games are played twice a week, typically at Fletcher Field, but sometimes they will play at the "Township" fields, off M-43 behind the Oshtemo Library and fire station.

Gregory says the league is mostly formed by word-of-mouth and invite, but anybody who wants to participate can. They just need to sign up.

This year's league is nearing its playoffs, so people are encouraged to show up to watch. But next year's league is wide open, and teams can begin signing up, and getting registered by following them on their social media, and visiting their website.

"When people realize this is like, a real thing, that it's tough to do, they give it more respect and want to learn how to play."

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