Way back in 2010, the world was introduced to Nev Shulman, a New York man who ended up in a long-distance virtual relationship through a documentary. There was one small problem, Nev found out that the woman he was caught feelings wasn't exactly who she thought she was.

Nev believed that he met 8-year-old Abby online after she sent him a painting, she made of one of his photos. He then connected with her mother, Angela, her mother's husband, and her older half-sister Megan, whom he pursued a relationship with. The family was from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Well Megan turned out to really be Angela, and Angela had been making the paintings the entire time, and her husband mentioned a cod and catfish metaphor, hence the name.

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MTV loved the idea and extended a contract to Nev and his crew to turn Catfish into a TV show that helps those who are stuck in these online relationships and need help meeting face to face with their partner. During one of the seasons Nev and the crew found themselves hooking up Kalamazoo area lovebirds.

The Gang Is In G-Rap

While scrolling on Facebook, I came across a post mentioning that someone was about to be on Catfish from Grand Rapids. As I looked closer at the post, I realized that it was a screenshot of Nev's Instagram story showing that he was at a hotel in Downtown Grand Rapids. The burning question everyone has is "Why would Nev be in Michigan again?"

Of course, everyone's first reaction was to think that a new episode of Catfish is being filmed in Grand Rapids or the surrounding area. This wouldn't be far off considering that he's been here for his own catfish adventure before visiting Bay City and Kalamazoo for separate occasions as well.

Although, I think there's no filming going on this time around and he's visiting for a different reason. Afterall, a new episode hasn't been released since 2018 and has since been converted to a podcast in 2020.

Nice Man Nev

Remember how I mentioned that Nev was catfished and the woman was from Michigan, well no one thinks about how that ended for Nev. Yes, he was able to heal from the hurt and find a wife and create a family, but that doesn't mean he forget and abandoned that part of his life.

He is still friends with Angela, who has deleted a bunch of her profiles and operates under one social media page that has her name and pictures. I may be crazy for thinking this, but I want to think about all the possibilities.

I think that Nev may have been visiting his old friend Angela, she was in a very important part of his life, so I doubt he left her high and dry. He also may be visiting other people who he created a bond with while filming catfish episodes in Michigan.

I can't know for sure why Nev is spending time in Grand Rapids, but I can speculate. What reason do you think is more likely to be true? If there is a new episode coming out, are you going to watch to see if you know the person?

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