You read that correctly: Not $100,000, not $1,000, not even $100 -- a house is on the market in Chicago for one. Single. Dollar. And the seller is taking cash only, thanks.

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My first thought is - why even bother with "selling" it?

Well, while $1 may sound like an insane deal, it's obvious after taking a look at the pictures below the buyer is gonna be out a whole lot more money to salvage this house, which allegedly has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Cassandra Muhammad, AGG Realty Group LLC
Cassandra Muhammad,
AGG Realty Group LLC

According to the listing, renovations/ rebuilding isn't all the buyer is paying for:

Buyer to pay all cost, commissions for Buyers/Sellers Agents, back taxes, water bill, zoning cert, survey, any and all costs associated with the sale of property. Property being sold As-Is. House is Huge. Cash only.

Now, it does appear on Zillow that a sale is pending... but I dunno, maybe offer $2 and see where that gets you?

Aside from "cash only" part, another thing that struck me about the listing is the "house is huge" claim.

The house at 5526 S. La Salle St. is listed on  Zillow as 1,617 square feet... although elsewhere it says 4,316 square feet - but maybe that's including the two garage spaces it supposedly has?

Looking at the price history, the house was going for $208K in June of 2021. So I guess if you're in for a TON of work you could make a profit?

Take a tour of your new $1 home (plus a bunch of fees) in the gallery below:

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