Michigan is so proud of its food, and rightfully so. This state has spawned numerous national and international chains, and still holds on close to a number of local favorites that you can ONLY get within the mitten, and Upper Peninsula.

So when someone like a popular TikTok reviewer absolutely dumps all over a popular Michigan restaurant, the teeth will come out. And it's especially concerning since this particular reviewer has never given a bad review... until this Southfield restaurant.

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TikTok critic Keith Lee gained popularity for his almost dry, comedic, but still serious and fun food reviews on his account. Lee almost always find the positive in the food he's eating, since the majority of the restaurants he visits are highly requested of him.

So Lee happened to be in Michigan as part of his "FamiLee Food Tour" and stopped at Lillie Belle Cuisine. It's a soul food restaurant that comes highly recommended to the people visiting the community, and provides more than just southern favorites like fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese. It also has orders of pork chops, shrimp, burgers, and fried fish.

So Lee made the stop, thinking he was going to get the same experience that everyone raved about, but it sounds like his experience was less than stellar.


@keith_lee125 #doordashpartner Lillie Bells taste test 💕would you try it ?💕 #foodcritic @DoorDash ♬ original sound - Keith Lee

Lee admits the review was a bit of a rollercoaster, some very good elements, and some absolutely terrible elements, such as the greens he literally had to spit out. Followers who have seen his reviews were surprised by his reaction, especially the ones who recommended the restaurant.

BUT, it seems like Lillie Bells took it in stride, still thanked him for stopping by, and assured that their greens are one of their top selling sides. This was a complete 360, though, from a mildly bad review he left for a restaurant in Atlanta that prompted hate form the store, AND even solicited death threats to him, and his family.

Despite the bad review on Lillie Bells' greens, he still gave pretty decent reviews for their turkey and chicken wings, which still has me intrigued. But after seeing him struggle with the Greens, would you still give Lillie Bells a shot?

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