There was a situation a woman found herself in after grocery shopping that made her very un-hoppy, as she claims she found a living frog inside a sealed package of organic spinach. That's right, a live frog in her spinach. Just imagine accidentally biting into this thing while chowing down on some French flies and a diet croak.

Amber Worrick wasn't expecting a free frog in her salad, but told Fox News of the experience of this unexpected new pet:

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My daughter was screaming, she was like 'Oh my God, it’s a frog,' and I was like, 'What? "Just thank God I didn't eat the frog. I didn't see anything didn't feel heavy, I didn't feel anything wiggling. I didn't want him to die, but I didn't want him in my food. On the package, it says three times washed, or something like triple washed. I don't believe that it was washed or else they would have caught a whole live frog.

There's no information as to if she was wearing open-toad sandals when purchasing the frog, but that could have contributed to the bad luck. She's also lucky the shock didn't cause her to get her car toad.

The experience has clearly left her tongue-tied, but I'm sure getting home and enjoying a comforting cup of hot croak-co was able to settle her nerves.

We reached out to the lady at the checkout counter, Lily, at the store she purchased it from for questioning but she couldn't be reached.

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