It's not the cold front itself, but what the cold front looks like that is really scary.

The Big Cold Front Will Return Seasonal Temps To The State

The bad news is the warm weather we've been enjoying throughout the state is going away. The good news is that the sunshine will be back for the weekend, albeit without the summer like warmth.

The cold front will push through over the next 24 hours, brining with it rain and cold winds from the north, instantly cooling things down, but who am I to complain? The weekend was fantastical! And as with any warm weather we get this late in the season, you have to get out there and enjoy it like its never coming back until the late spring.

That's just a Michigan rule.

Think Of The Approaching Cold Front As A Dinosaur, Munching On Michigan's Leaves

It's way easier to take, if you think of the coming from as a big, dumb dinosaur, eating our leaves, so that we don't have to rake them.

That's what Tabitha Bartoe, news director at ValpoTV on the campus of Valparaiso University in Indiana, demonstrated, when the oddly shaped cold front captured her imagination this morning.

Former WOOD-TV anchor Leon Hendrix tweeted back that 'Help is available' for young Tabitha, to which current WOOD meteorologist Ellen Bacca responded, "You're just sad you didn't see it first."

I thought it was cute. And if the dinosaur really was munching on the leaves in my yard, I would think its ten times better.

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