Eddie Huang, Iliza Schlesinger and Reggie Watts all failed at basic US geography Sunday night.

A Question About The Great Lakes Stumped The Panel

I've always expected more out of stand-up comedians. They seem so smart and quick on stage, but off stage, they don't a lot about their own country.

Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts, and Iliza Schlesinger were competing on Sunday's episode of Celebrity Jeopardy on ABC Sunday night when this answer popped up.

"This lake on the US-Canadian border is the largest fresh water lake in the world"

Only One Comedian Was Even Remotely Close To The Right Answer

None of the three got it right, and only one, Huang, was even close.

The category was "World Geography".

Watts rang in first and guessed "Lake Victoria", which is a real reach because that lake is on the continent of Africa. Schlesinger then guessed "Lake Louise", which at least is in North America, but nowhere close to the US border.

Huang then weighed in with "Lake Michigan", which at least is one of the Great Lakes.

The correct answer, of course, is Lake Ontario.


NO! It's not. It's Lake Superior. I knew that!

Check out the bad efforts of the celebrity panel below:

Jeopardy! Fans Had A Field Day With The Miss

Of course, Jeopardy! fans can be more than a little geeky, as was evidenced by some of the comments on Twitter following the miscue.

The annoyingly named @BlobCostas questioned the question's validity:

What a joke! Lake Baikal (the world's largest freshwater lake by volume, containing 22–23% of the world's fresh surface water) isn't located on the US-Canada border.

Sorry, Blob, but Superior wins on surface area, but you knew that, right?

West Michigander Mary McDowell then came flying in with this truth drop:

Here's one place where Michiganders would totally rule! We learn the acronym HOMES at a young age.

Which started a weird anagram argument:

Minnesotans learn it SEMOH Superior must be listed first

But Mary stood strong, saying even that is wrong:

In terms of superiority, it should be SM(H and O are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned) E is last for obvious reasons. But, I'm a West Michigander, so I have my own bias.

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