It wasn’t too long ago that the B2 outlet store in Kalamazoo moved to a larger location from a strip mall to a large venue across the street located off Drake Road and West Main. Although the move to a bigger location should have meant more business, it turns out that that was not the case as they have already closed effective immediately.

The president Duane Smith, and CEO Matt Smith made the announcement which was posted to the B2 Outlet Store of Kalamazoo's Facebook:
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The challenges and complexities of navigating a sluggish retail economy has resulted in significant declined sales. This has impacted nearly every retailer, and B2 is not immune. We have pivoted with various creative ways to drive foot traffic yet a turnaround has not occurred. Although closing a store is never an easy decision, B2 has reached that point where closing a small number of stores is imperative.

Better Sales Needed For Better B2 Stores

Continuing, they explain other stores that have been performing well need to be strengthened:

These closures will allow B2 to focus energies on remaining stores that can be profitable. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our valued customers who shop in stores that may be closing. Thank you for helping us be a blessing in the Kalamazoo community. We hope to see you at a nearby location soon.
It is unfortunate that the store has closed, and I imagine any inventory they had will be relocated to another store. This comes only weeks after the B2 Outlet in Coldwater closed.

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